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This web page is in it's beginning stages just as we are in our beginning stages as college freshmen at Milligan College located on the outskirts of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Kristin Kerkvliet graduated from high school in Clermont, Florida. Meggan Juhl graduated from high school in Des Moines, Iowa. We are beginning this new journey in life as college roommates. This web page will evolve as we evolve throughout our college years at Milligan College.

The current links at the top of the page show our high school years. New links have been added at the bottom of the page for Orientation Weekend, the Fall Semester of 1999, and the Spring Semester of 2000. New pages will be added as time goes on.

To send e-mail to us, click on our names under our pictures above. To leave a message on our guest book, click on the guest book link above and follow the directions on the screen.

The first new page is Orientation Weekend. Click on Orientation Weekend below.

The second new page is Fall Semester 1999. This link is a series of pages. Click on Fall Semester 1999 below.

The third new page is Spring Semester 2000. This link is a series of pages. Click on Spring Semester 2000 below.

Web Site Beginning - August 23rd, 1999

Last Update - March 19th, 2001