2007 Forest Fire at Lake Tahoe

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Sunday - Clear Day before the fire

Insland in Middle of Emerald Bay

Overlooking Emarald Bay about 1 hour after fire broke out

This is a Big Rock

About 3 hours into the Fire from a restaurant near Tahoe City on Northwest side of Lake Tahoe

About 4 hours into Fire coming back down Highway 89, looking across Emerald Bay

Tuesday morning drive going up Highway 50, then to Highway 28, Then to 89 north to Squaw Valley - Site of 1960 Olympics. Highway 89 was closed from Emerald Bay to intersection of Highway 50 in South Tahoe. That intersection is near the outbreak of the fire.

View from North looking South across Emerald Bay on Tuesday afternoon. Note, we could not drive anywhere on Monday because roads both Highway 50 and Highway 89 were closed except to emergency vehicles.

Tuesday afternoon looking at fire from Emerald Bay

Looking at fire on Monday morning from a hill on top of our resort

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